U.S. Announces Cybersecurity Labeling Program for Smart Devices to Protect American Consumers


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May 6, 2019
The Biden-Harris Administration has announced that it is working on a new cybersecurity certification and labeling program to help Americans more easily choose smart devices that are safer and less vulnerable to cyberattacks. "U.S. Cyber Trust Mark," as the program is called, will incorporate a distinct shield logo that is applied to products meeting established cybersecurity criteria. The program isn't expected to launch until 2024, but Amazon, Best Buy, Google, Logitech, and other manufacturers/retailers have already pledged their support.

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Yeah, this will save us all. Just like nutrition labels keep us from getting fat and warning labels keep people from smoking.


I certainly trust the US Govt to come up with an adequate cybersecurity platform.
I want a job certifying devices for US govt Cybersecurity trust.

Can you imagine the look.. "Is this really a wifi enabled sex toy?!"
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