Ubisoft Announces Project Q, a Team Battle Arena Game That Won’t Have NFTs


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May 6, 2019
Ubisoft has announced a new team battle arena game called Project Q for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The publisher has shared little about the game so far besides a piece of concept art that teases some of its characters and battlegrounds, which apparently includes Central Park, but a report from Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson suggests that there will be at least two game modes, one of which will be a unique take on Battle Royale.

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Ubisoft's, as we know it, days seem to be numbered soon.


In my opinion, I don't see Ubisoft as a wise purchase/investment right now because too many years of distrust and damage have occurred towards its userbase.

The majority of Ubisoft's titles are cloned somehow today (and many of those titles has lost their peak value), except for maybe AssCreed, full of wokeness now (unless the new owners change and rewrite those titles' narratives - highly doubtful, though, due to the years of pre-production projects that's already in the works), and a bunch of dramatic diva attention-seeking employees.

Not the healthiest ingredients for a successful acquisition, you know?!
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