Ubisoft+ Offering Free Week-Long Trial to New Subscribers


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May 6, 2019
Are the latest Far Cry and Assassin's Creed titles really as crappy as Ubisoft's staunchest critics say? You can find out for yourself by joining Ubisoft+ today, which is currently available for free as part of a week-long trial promotion for new subscribers.

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As someone who used to hate Assassin's Creed, I thought Odyssey was a great game. Beautiful locations, huge map and lots of locations to explore, and kind of interesting but not too fleshed out main story. (I haven't played the DLCs, maybe they explain some things there better)
My very positive review

Valhalla, is similar with minimally updated gameplay, but they completely removed loot (fallen enemies don't drop any equipment) and a dull setting with an even duller story. It's ok, but nowhere near as good as Odyssey. (my review)

Far Cry 5 is pretty good, but felt redundant next to Ghost Recon Wildlands, I'd recommend playing that instead while you can.

And finally Far Cry 6, is kind of OK, if you don't mind the obvious orange man insert and US = bad message, and the fact that the game is super easy.

I didn't even realize I played so many Ubisoft games. Oh, there is actually one more: Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Is this the new Uplay?

It will never find itself on my machine. I'm just curious.
Is this the new Uplay?

It will never find itself on my machine. I'm just curious.
This is the subscription service to be like xbox live or whatever they have renamed that to. You pay a sub you get access to base games as long as you have the sub.
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