Ubisoft Releases Cinematic Intro and Deep Dive for The Division Heartland, a New F2P PvEvP Survival-Action Shooter from Red Storm Entertainment


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May 6, 2019
Ubisoft has shared the cinematic intro and a developer deep dive for Tom Clancy's The Division Heartland, a new free-to-play, PvEvP survival-action shooter set in the world that Massive Entertainment introduced in its original 2016 game that saw special agents of the Strategic Homeland Division band together to combat criminal activity and investigate a viral outbreak in New York City. The cinematic intro can confirm that the latest Division game will be set in a new, rural location called Silver Creek, while the deep dive, which clocks in at six minutes, offers plenty of new gameplay footage, including a peek at the map and the classes that players will be able to choose from (e.g., Weapons Expert and Medic). The Division Heartland is developed by Red Storm Entertainment, the legendary studio behind the original Rainbow Six (1998).

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Meh... I never got into the division. Anyone else feel like this may be the Division version of FarCry 5?
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