VR - looking to flip the switch and pull the trigger. Thoughts and experiences much appreciated.


Nov 9, 2019
I am at a spot where setting up space and equipment for VR in my Condo could happen.

Any recommended brand and model? Any warnings, must have's, or make sure you dont.... type advise is much appreciated.

My knowledge of VR is think other then there is a special Skyrim version and a nifty star trek game.

In case it needs to be pointed out for PC/steam as the platform. I am assuming my specs will cover the basics but am thinking of a 3950 system in the next quarter or two.

Thank you all!
I just bought a Valve Index yesterday.
I'm sorry but I can't give you any first hand information right now, but my son has a Vive and he gave me some great advice.
He loves the Vive but feels he wish he had splurged for a Vive Pro to get wireless connection.
He did say that if I could rig overhead cable suspension it would be ideal. He said the cables often get in your way.
He recommended a large, free space.
He has a spare empty bedroom in his house that's 15 x 15 feet and he set up a 3 meter x 3 meter space in there.
My wife exiled me to the basement along time ago, so I have more than enough space down there plus a very open rough ceiling; I can easily rig up a cable support system for the headset.

I told myself I would never do VR, but the Half-Life Alyx title did it for me.
I'm a Half-Life junkie so to not play this game was just not going to happen.

I have a new AMD 3700X platform with a GTX 1080 Ti/SLi for now which should power the Index fine.
I'm waiting for the 3000 series of RTX to buy a new card, or the new Big Navi, which ever shows up first.
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