Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

Been glued to this game for a while, once you get used to the controls it kinda grows on you.
It's fun, the mood and art is spot on too, imho.
Yes, it's probably the most warhammery of the warhammer games.

The levels get a bit repetitive, they don't appear to be procedurally generated, but it was worth the price on entry. Thanks for the recommendation.

Screenshot - 12_20_2020 , 14_28_28.png
I played this a bit. It's ok. Still find myself on POE more though.
Yeah I had shifted away when the latest season had ended (the next didn't kick off immediately after), and went over to Grim Dawn for a good while. Now I'm off that getting my factory fix in Dyson Sphere Program
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