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Jul 6, 2019
I'm seriously considering upgrading my PC and I think this time I would like to do a custom loop water cooling set up. This is something I've always wanted to do, but have never really had the funds to do so. Because I've never really had the funds to do so, I've never seriously researched the different brands, companies, etc. in the space. Is there general consensus on the better brands for water blocks, pumps, radiators, etc? Any recommendations as to where to start my research?
Oh boy. Someone just got their wallet out!

I haven’t played with custom loops in years, but when I did I was able to get decent stuff via Koolance. At the time they weren’t the best but not to worst either - not sure if they are still around or a player though.

Good luck, I itch to get back to a custom loop, but now I get paid to do almost the same thing on a much bigger scale… with other peoples money.
Thanks! I will check Koolance out...

Is FrozenCPU.com still kicking? I see that it still *exists* but it also looks like it hasn't changed at ALL since about 2007.
Koolance, Alphacool, XSPC have some good stuff. Corsair even has a line of components as well.
Sometimes Microcenter has kits that aren’t to horribly priced to get started. I know my stuff started out with a Swiftech kit from the early 2000’s. I’ve been expanding from that ever since
"But where's the cooling loop go? I just see tubes going into the wall!"

"The house is the cooling loop"

(nod to pipe organs where the building is part of the instrument, quite literally)
Oh, don't think that I haven't contemplated a massive chiller, or geothermic solution.....

Used to be, back in the day, when racing on the strip, you would have solutions to cool your fueling setup. Some would pack the manifold in ice between runs, some you use a fuel cooler, which was nothing more that a contained coil for the fuel to run thru that you could pack ice in. The idea with the old carb setups was to allow you to advance timing and keep detonation at bay.

One of these cans could be used to chill a water cooled system. Who doesn't have an ice maker these days? I know my TR box could benefit from cooler temps.


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