Webcam for Linux?


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Jun 11, 2019
Any suggestions?
Trying Skype with a laptop with built in cam and mic the last couple of weeks. Video quality is fine, but they can't hear on the other end. So I was thinking a Logitech C920S, it's got the mic camera combo. My pause on that is, I would like it to work in Linux.

I see mixed reviews on the Logitech in a Linux environment. Any leads on a webcam, with mic, that works fairly well in both OS's?
Just makes it easier to interact with the family while I'm out of town all week.
So, most work in Linux pretty much automatically. The Chinesium one I picked up a few years ago works great. Logitech would have to be doing something extra special to break that.

As for mics... that's more a product of the room you're in, but understand you're getting bottom-barrel on a webcam, even at the very best. Not going to overcome physics there, and that's a problem I'm still working on myself. Best bet? Get a decent wired headset.
I considered going just a mic route but I'm not very well versed in what to look for.
The Laptop I am using only has one usb port, (Company furnished) which is populated to accommodate a wireless mouse. So I would be looking at a powered hub or a type C dock to get more USB's.
Which brings me to consider the 2400g, RX480 box with Pop OS.

How are Bluetooth mics? I have an older set of Jaybirds that I usually use for my Pixel 3.

I might experiment
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Recommend experimenting. Most decent USB hubs will be fine as there's not a large power requirement. Might also look into investing in USB-A to USB-C adapters, usually short cables (i.e., dongles) that work pretty well.

I have fistfuls of them now that we're mid-transition...
For business calls, I've been using a Konftel Ego.

I don't do video on calls, but for Audio, that little gem has been very nice. It can connect either USB or BT. I use BT via phone, and USB via computer.

As for linux - dunno, haven't tried it there. I tend to not stray too far from the CLI in linux.

For Skype and the like - they are so compressed, you'd be hard pressed to notice the difference between a BT and wired mic of similar quality.
I use the Logitech Brio with Zoom (on Windows).
It also works great on Linux from what I read.

I wanted a webcam with ok audio that can cope without much light and give least issues.
Its very good!
At home for the family I have a logitech c920s hooked up to the Plex box and tv. Works great.

Work lappy has the fail. I may go with another c920s and install win 10 on the 2400g box.

If I have to work out of town I just want to see muh fams. Makes it a little easier
that can cope without much light
Man, that's fix #1 for video - even my crappy Chinesium webcam looked pretty good when I got the light going!

I get that it's not always possible, but for video and audio, lighting and soundstage (respectfully) are the biggest contributors to quality once the capture chain is up to a minimally decent level.

If you want to cheat, expect to spend into additional orders of magnitude and still fall a bit short ;)
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