Western Digital Will Separate Its HDD and Flash Businesses in 2024


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May 6, 2019
Western Digital has revealed that it will be separating its HDD and Flash businesses. The plan, which was "unanimously" approved by the company's Board of Directors and targeted for the second half of calendar year 2024, will result in the formation of two independent, public companies, which, according to a press release that Western Digital shared on October 30, is designed to improve both businesses and unlock further value for shareholders. Western Digital currently sells as many as 70 HDDs for the consumer space, including the G-RAID MIRROR, a SanDisk-branded product that recently launched with storage capacities of up to 44 TB.

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Yea they really need to separate out the sexy SSD/NVME market from the bulk storage spinning disk market. Competing with themselves isn't doing anyone any good and the two businesses should be able to focus on their distinct market.

And the HDD guys.. need to prove they can hold out with the market shifts.
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