What's a small wind-tunnel case?


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Jul 17, 2019
After a little episode where I had to spend over 20 minutes doing something as simple as plugging out an ethernet cable, plugging in another one, then plugging the old one back in, it's starting to get obvious that my current case does not fit my current room situation.
It is also very annoying that my mouse cable is very restricted in where it can go due to the case being so far away from my desk.

Thus, having an ITX board, it would probably be relevant to make use of that fact.
I am not exactly looking for a tiny little box, as my GPU is a massive abomination I can't do much about - and we all know what GPUs are like these days.

However, with my current case dimensions being 535 mm x 235 mm x 550 mm (W x H x D) [a flipped-around Enthoo Pro] - a solid half of the **** case is empty space.

Any ideas for something a bit smaller with some less oodly-doodly airflow paths? ;)

something like this seems to fit the bill
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I have a Fractal Define Nano S, https://www.fractal-design.com/products/cases/define/define-nano-s/black/

300mm long GPU's fit, But if over 2 slots thick then you need a SFX PSU to have some breathing room

You can make it pretty breezy, I run a Fractal Celsius 240 AIO with Rad on top,, 2 140 fans in the front and one 120 on the bottom and back.

The currrent darling of the affordable SFF cases is the Cooler MAster NR200:
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