Who's into linux PC gaming?


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Aug 15, 2019
With the doomsday clock ticking down for Win 10, I'm thinking about trying linux for gaming again.... it's been years and I do not have fond memories. Seems like I spent more time d!cking with configs and trying to make stuff work right than actually playing.

I use Mint on old laptop for living room couch surfing, but I'm talking about dual booting a proper PC gaming rig with 4070. I remember drivers being a PITA when I last tried to do this for real like 7 or 8 years ago.

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Watching this - after seeing how easy it could be on Steam Deck, I'm tempted to try it on my big rig as well.
I think instead of trying a dual boot, I have an extra nvme drive I can slot in for a clean install and not worry about hosing my win install....
remember that EFI boot partition stuff is saved on the BIOS now, so just swapping drives can still get hairy.
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