Windows Account Creation Survey


May 28, 2019
Due to some conversations floating about the web regarding account creation on Windows 10, I wanted to start some data collection on the Windows 10 Account Creation issue. I've posted this on the "other" forum, but thought I might reach some additional people here.

Specifically, some people are reporting that while connected via Ethernet when installing Windows 10, the option to create a local account is not made available. Other people claim to always have the option, even when connected by Ethernet.

The purpose of this thread is to collect information to see what is causing the differences. Since this is an information collection thread, please keep discussion to a minimum.

Right now, for purposes of data collection, please only include results for installing 1903 while the system is connected to the Internet via Ethernet.

Please report the following

Installation source: (media creation tool, OEM CD, Recovery, etc.)
Installation type: (Clean install, upgrade, recovery)
Windows Edition: (Home, Pro, Ent., Edu., 32 or 64 bit, etc)
Computer: (OEM model, Motherboard model)
UEFI or Legacy Install
Country, State/Province:
Whether or not an option is available for local account creation during the initial install. This would include alternately named options such as "Domain Join"

If you have any additional data that may be relevant, include it. If you have suggestions for additional data to collect, please list, and we can collect that as well.
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