WIndows May update and window positions


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May 28, 2019
Ok, so this has been bugging me non stop since the May 2020 update dropped. Maybe someone here has a good work around.

I run a pair of monitors, side by side. All the way up until this update was installed, Windows did a fairly decent job of remembering where I closed my programs out, and opening the program the next time in about the same location, on the appropriate monitor.

Now, that has changed. Windows will always open programs in the same location, which was the location they were in on the night before the May 2020 update installed. I can't get them to default away from that.

And it's not every program. Steam, for instance, acts appropriately. Chrome, however, is perpetually stuck starting up on the incorrect monitor. If I maximize Chrome before closing, then close it, the next time I open it, it will open maximized, but on the incorrect monitor. If I get snarky and try to close it on the incorrect monitor, it will still open on the incorrect monitor.

It's driving me nuts. I suspect more Edge shenanigans, but can't necessarily prove that. Also can't necessarily prove it was the May update, but timing seems to be about then. nVidia driver 451.67, although the problem has persisted through a few nVidia updates: I haven't tried reverting to a significantly older revision to see if that's the culprit.

Any suggestions?
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