Wolfenstein III: MachineGames Teases “Bigger Worlds” and Cooperative Multiplayer for Third Entry


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May 6, 2019
Image: MachineGames

Judging by MachineGames’ resume, a new installment of Wolfenstein seems inevitable, but what can we expect from the third game aside from the franchise’s usual staples (e.g., B.J. Blazkowicz, big guns, and lots and lots of dead Nazis)? A recent interview with the Swedish developer has shed some light into that.

Speaking with community manager Andre Carlos, John Jennings (Production Director), Fredrik Ljungdahl (Gameplay Director), and Jim Kjellin (Chief Technology Officer) discussed MachineGames’ history and what was coming next. At one point, Carlos brought up Wolfenstein: Youngblood and asked whether its cooperative multiplayer component would return in future games, and Ljungdahl hinted that it could definitely make a...

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"The New Colossus brought B.J. Blazkowicz face to face with Hitler, and on the moon, no less."

It was set on Venus. The moon levels were from The New Order.
Are we absolutely sure this isn't Kung fury the game?
I got the Wolfenstein series on sale on Steam a while back. I've actually been enjoying them so far (playing them in order), so hopefully this game will be just as good.
I enjoyed the first two, but I got really bored with Youngbloods. I never finished it, which is unusual for me. I usually buckle down and force myself to finish every game.

After a while the "pick off the commanders and alarms" formula just got old. They will have to add something new to make this interesting.

I also don't really care for coop. I'm all in it for the single player mode. It was a little tiresome to always have to play with an AI coplayer in Youngbloods.
Hopefully not more of Youngbloods. Hell yeah, dude!

Co-op could be fun in theory, but that assumes you have friends to play with. All my friends and I lead busy lives and trying to arrange anyone to coordinate anything is like herding cats.

What I WOULD like is a local multiplayer option. Seems like the only times we could get all the friends together was at LAN parties. I miss those, even if I don't get to take my big monitor.
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