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  1. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU Review

    You should get that AM4 kit for the 212 and pop it on.. Seeing as how you've already got the cooler n all. - every little bit helps
  2. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU Review

    I replaced the Silencio fan with a push/pull config of 212 Evo fans I had laying around. I had to tweak the fan profile in the BIOS but for normal/gaming use I never hit over 60c outside of the Civ 6 Gathering Storm AI benchmark. (which hits 67c) Be wary though, anything above 75% on those Evo...
  3. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU Review

    I also finally popped in my Ryzen 5 3600X and slapped a 212 Black on it. (got it on sale for the 3600 price etc) Word to the wise, easily way to gain extra mhz is to force your CPU fan to 100%. On the 212 Black, the Silencio fan at 100% is absolutely silent and now Precision Boost is hitting...
  4. Worth the swap?

    1070 is basically a 980 Ti.. It should treat you well for some time. BUT again, I'd get a 3600 and sell that 1600 or you won't see noteworthy gains in most situations. (esp gaming)
  5. What is on your PC Gaming plate right now?

    My "plate" currently.. I won't lie though, it's mostly Grim Dawn and WoW Classic. Escape from Tarkov definitely deserves more attention. (check it out guys)
  6. Worth the swap?

    That 1600 should overclock to 3.8 for sure.... Outside of the extra cores, I'd consider it more of a side-grade BUT still worth it overall. (Personally, I'd sell the 1600 and put that cash towards a 3600 = much higher IPC, more worthwhile upgrade)
  7. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU Review

    I went with the 3600 in the end.. Thanks for the in-depth review regardless! (MSI really needs to get their shi*t together regarding the 400 series bios updates.. for real!)
  8. What is on your PC Gaming plate right now?

    SP - Fallout 4 Grim Dawn - I'm trying to force myself to try Crysis 3 but I've been distracted by everything else on this list MP - Apex Legends Grim Dawn Tekken 7 (great online lobby system for a group of friends, highly recommended for that reason alone)
  9. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo Cooler Review

    Using the Evo right now and I have a Black Edition set aside for the R5 3600.
  10. Is your BIOS up to date?

    MSI needs to update this X470 Gaming Pro Carbon with a non-beta 3000 BIOS already so I can put this rig together.... I assume they're piecing it together as we speak but come on now.... EDIT: Apparently a couple more weeks...
  11. NVIDIA Apollo 11 50th Anniversary RTX Demo!

    As a big space-nerd, I'm super-jealous of all you guys with RTX's right now....
  12. Are you an AMD or Intel guy?

    I'm really hoping a 3700X/X470 combo will serve me well for the foreseeable future..
  13. Dan Dobrowolski Intro and Motherboard Review Format

    When the time comes for me to pick up a Zen2 board, I fully intend to go with whatever Dan recommends.
  14. What is on your PC Gaming plate right now?

    Additional suggestions - Painkiller: Black Edition Shadow Warrior 2 Singularity (REALLY underrated imo)
  15. Are you an AMD or Intel guy?

    I see a 3700X in my near future.. EDIT: I see some of you guys are posting your CPU history again - Pentium 90 Pentium 166 AMD K6-2+ 300 Duron 700 Athlon XP 1900+ Athlon 64 3200+ Athlon 62 X2 4400+ Core i5-750 @ stock, then 3.6 Xeon X3470 @ 3.8 i7-2600k @ 4.2
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