100+ Benchmarks for Linux by Phoronix!


May 11, 2019
Do you like Linux? Do you like Benchmarks? Do you like Jell-O? If you have answered yes to all of these then I have a story for you.

The guys at Phoronix have made one heck of a test for you guys with over 100 benches! They are comparing the Intel made Clear Linux vs the popular Manjaro Linux flavors.

Benchmarks A-Hoy!

Not too many people know that Intel started making their own flavor of Linux not that long ago. It is heavily optimized for Intel products of course. So with something that heavily optimized it is interesting to see how a popular Linux flavor holds up to them.

"Of 119 tests carried out on both Clear Linux and Manjaro, Clear Linux won 90 of them or 75.6%. If taking the geometric mean of those 100+ tests, Clear Linux came out to an average of being 7% faster than this easy-to-use Arch Linux platform." - Phoronix

Oh yea.... There is always room for Jell-O...
Was this sponsored by Intel? Linux distros are not so monolithic that they are easily compared to one another. I would actually be more surprised if Intel couldn't show some better performance. Imagine how much better all Linux distros would be if they each had only their own hardware to write for. No word on what happens when running Clear Linux on non-Intel gear.
Phoronix Rocks!

I don't even use Linux but I still go there every now and then to see what's new.
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