1STPLAYER STEAMPUNK 850W Power Supply Review


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Apr 23, 2019
Introduction 1STPLAYER is an interesting brand in that it is essentially a house brand for Helly Technology that was launched in 2010. Helly Technology (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd is a manufacturer of various power supply types and components mostly focused on LED power supplies and peripherals. Having been founded in 2008 they are also one of the newer OEMs providing products to the enthusiast sector. To date, we have only rarely seen their products in very low-end products that are not what we would normally look at for higher-end systems with serious power demands. In fact, very few of their products […]

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Thanks for the review Paul!

When I first saw the Overall Score box at zero, I figured maybe he didn't enter any scores in. Then I read the WHOLE article, and "Holy Hell" only puts it mildly. There were moments where I flat out laughed (Probably louder than needed but my lord).

I'm surprised there wasn't a graphic at the end with Mortal Kombat's "Fatality".
So, you are saying you probably wouldn't recommend this unit?
Also, for full affect sub Sh*t for crap in the review....some editing was needed for SEO reasons.
I saw the zero and was hoping there was a photo of the unit on FIRE!!!!!!
I laughed a bunch of times reading this review. Made my day. "the Fail ship" is classic stuff.
Awesome review.
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