30-Series Nvidia GPUs in stock, Zotac

They can eat a WHOLE BAG of wang... their base 3080 is 1400 dollars.

Maybe that's par for the course but just.... NO BAD ZOTAC BAD!
Hmmm ... I read that and thought it was a Shadow Warrior reference. /shrug

On topic ... If I'm going to buy a 30-series for that much money, it won't be from Zotac. My last card from them was a GTX 470 back in the cooling-fans-loud-as-a-turbine-engine days, and I couldn't replace it fast enough with a 500-series card when they came out. The 470 felt cheaply made.
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Maybe it’s a sign things are about to turn around.

Or maybe it’s time for another Fab accident or for nVidia to cut production - you know, so they can “ramp up” for whatever is next.
Yep. MSRP prices for AIB cards have gone up quite a bit over the last year or two. The unicorn FEs are just that unless you can beat your way through the bots at BB.

Congrats @LazyGamer, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Case manufacturers have been getting generous with GPU length allowances - most are hitting over 300mm, even SFFs. Of course, that's definitely not always been the case, and hasn't always been a consideration either.

(neither were GPUs that can pull 400W+ under normal gaming loads)
Use the motherboard box for a case - the original open air bench build
PC riser cable? Maybe take something out, like a drive cage?

I swapped a EVGA 3070 Ti in, instead. :)

The case is an NZXT case, small, no drive cages in the way, just the AIO radiator (240mm) and no where else to put it. The EVGA 3070 Ti I had was a good bit shorter though, so I moved it over to this rig and put the Zotac in the other rig.

The 3070 Ti is longer than my 3090. Its over 350mm long.
I have to admit that once the 4090s or whatever truly succeeds Ampere comes out I may end up switching to a bench and calling it good. I already know that both rigs are coming up on upgrade time in the next 1-2 years so I'm already thinking of what'll be next.
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