343 Industries Threatens to Ban Pirated Halo: Reach Beta Players


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May 6, 2019
Halo fans who didn't get into the Reach beta are being tempted by an "illegally distributed" version that was leaked online, but 343 Industries has offered a compelling reason to stay patient. The developer suggests that anyone who tries it could get their Xbox accounts banned, or worse.

Good Morning,

It has come to our attention that the Halo Insider flight has been illegally distributed online. If you download or play this illegal copy, we have the right to ban all associated accounts and remove you from all current or future 343 programs. The Microsoft Service Agreement can be found


The first flighting period ends tomorrow. It isn't clear when the next phase will begin, but 343 Industries promises there will be plenty more tests on the way.
Didn't even know the beta pirating was a thing.

I didn't even know that People were so interested in this.

I find the whole Halo space Marines vibe so incredibly boring I can't imagine ever playing it, let alone getting pissed off I wasn't included in a beta and pirating it.
I didnt realise they would need to "threaten" announcing the banning of pirates.
Surely they should be doing this anyway as there is no comeback on a pirate who breaks the rules.
Par for course imo.
The problem here seems to be they arent already doing it!
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