4A Games Releases Metro Exodus SDK and Updates on How the War in Ukraine Is Affecting Development of the Next Game


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May 28, 2019
4A Games has provided a studio update on its blog page along with releasing the Metro Exodus SDK to owners of the game. The studio emphasizes the challenges its staff is enduring as the war in Ukraine continues while trying to survive and work on the next game.

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Such weird timing with this. I just started another replay of Exodus last week on the 4930K rig so I could see how it could handle it with the 3090 Ti on the CRG9 since a number of newer games (CB 2077/Spider-Man Remastered/Witcher 3 Enhanced) have really been showing that CPU's age. Happy to say that the Exodus Enhanced version actually plays very well on the older rig. With RT ultra/extreme shading and DLSS Q, it's managed 45-55 in tough spots and ~85-100 in less demanding areas. My only complaint about this game is that HDR never seemed quite right with it and that's after testing it on 4 different HDR displays but I do consider that a nitpicking issue.

I feel so badly for these folks. I just don't know what else to say without going off into the deep end with things.
It's a nation under siege and the world is mostly just watching and taking quiet actions where they can. Really nobody wants Russia to pull China in as an ally on a military/economic war.
F*ck Putin man. Gawd d4mn. People just trying to live their lives, work hard and make video games or whatever, but some @ssholes always have to f*ck sh1t up for everyone else.
This studio has always put its heart and soul into these games as well. I got into them when the 2nd originally came out and it was when I was gaming in 3D and had an SLI setup. They were one of the few back then that supported both, and the game was just incredible to play that way. It was also one of the last to support a dedicated PhysX card and that was when I was first able to play something in 4K w/ my 4930K, 2x 970s, and GTX 780. Even then that rig could do 40-50 in 4K w/ AA x 2 and slightly better in 1440p 3D.

The "redux" versions took out a lot of that support, as was normal for that time period, and made some other improvements, but I was always mixed on the character model changes. I still use the Last Light Redux benchmark tool for testing raster performance with my cards, set it to AA x 4, and watch them fall to their knees (the 4090 finally broke the 60-100 FPS barrier at 4K)
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