62" Desk on sale at Newegg for $49.99 (normally $159.99) -out of stock

Looks flimsy as ****.
It actually isn't that bad. The one it replaced was falling apart. Thankfully, most of the screws are either going into metal inserts(I know they can give over time) or the actual metal frame. The wood isn't bad either. Some kind of composite but not as bad as some particle board I've had to deal with. My only real concern will be the welds and even then only if I have to move it a bunch.
Looks flimsy as ****.
Same... good for a 'side setup', but uh... my desk needs something more "solid" :D

I thought about it but even when it becomes obsessive, I've really been trying to work on simplifying in recent years.
I'm using a white folding table at the moment. I do hate it, but it's also wide enough, almost deep enough, and it's tall enough. It's the kind that folds in half, so the fold in the middle is annoying, though I haven't noticed it lately.

I'm probably going with an IKEA butcher block too. Or two....
You say "desk" but I see an entire f*cking tree. Seriously that's awesome though.
I'm just gonna go out on a limb and guess you might maybe be a Harley fan.
Diggin' the multi-light lamp on the left.
Yeah, I don't if he's a Harley fan but I've seen some of @Paul_Johnson 's other work. He's definitely an artist. The stuff I've seen is always amazing.
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