ADATA Details Its New Revolutionary DDR5 Heat-Dissipating Coating That Reduces Temperatures by More than 10%


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May 28, 2019
DDR5 memory running at 8,000 MT/s has been seen operating much cooler than before as ADATA details its new heat-dissipating coating. ADATA has applied the thermal coating to its upcoming line of XPG overclocked DDR5 memory to reduce temperatures by more than ten percent versus using other heatsink technology. Given the increased amounts of power usage and heat generation in modern PCs, any achievement to passively reduce component temperatures is sure to be a welcome feature.

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They do look sharp - literally and figuratively - I did have a Lancer kit when I started working with DDR5, and only returned it while troubleshooting what turned out to be a bum Gigabyte motherboard (thanks Gigabyte, I returned four kits due to their poor initial DDR5 release, three of which were actually broken by the board).

Will have to see what prices, speeds, and capacities they make available.

Wouldn't the MORE impressive advancement be to operate at higher MT/s but require LESS power to do so? You know, design efficiency?

That's literally what DDR5 has over DDR4. You'd have to dump 1.6v+ into DDR4 and use custom active cooling to even approach what bare DDR5 green sticks can do at 1.2v (and lower).
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