Airbus 350 Needs to Be Rebooted After So Many Hours…


May 11, 2019
Da plane da plane!

Here is an odd one for you software geeks to solve.

Why would you make an airplane have to hard reboot after every 149 hours?

That is the case with the Airbus 350 planes. They are sending out the memo tomorrow the 26th. Apparently if not done the avionics units might have total loss of function. Not a good plan.

What is up with all these software bugs in airplanes recently. And not just small ones but BIG ones?

EASA Safety Publication
It's a shame Leslie Nielsen, and so many others, from the Airplane films has passed on. They could've had a ball with some of this stuff lately. Wouldn't want to make light of the tragedies but the insanity of these recent technical issues are ripe for such comedic writing. We need George the world's best autopilot!
This isn't software geekage so much as hardware.

There is probably a hardware counter in a microcontroller somewhere that can only count up to X, at a certain point because someone has not implemented an autoreset and because of a hardware mismatch problem, the easiest way to deal with this is to reset the thing. While you could have one MCU reset the other one, it could introduce further issues and delays with delivery so they must have decided it was acceptable.
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At least 2 of them haven't nosedived off the runway... yet.
Pilot: Folks we're experiencing some jet lag....gonna have to reboot. Don't worry, we just installed the latest Windows update this morning so we should be just fine.
Passengers: :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:
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