Alien: Romulus Official Trailer Released by 20th Century Studios


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May 6, 2019
Alien: Romulus, the new Alien movie from director and co-writer Fede Álvarez (Evil Dead), is on track for release in theaters on August 16, 2024, according to a new trailer that 20th Century Studios shared via its official channels today.

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Umm I don't think it looks horrible but I'm wondering if the name should actually be Alien: Juvenile Detention Camp.
I think it looks horrible. A direct to netflix remake of Alien, with cheap CGI sets. There is nothing in this trailer that would get me excited to watch this.

The over reliance on CGI is getting ridiculous now, it's not even cheaper than practical sets, it's just that lazy filmmakers can rely on it and don't have to worry about most things while shooting. "We'll do it in post"

Also, how many "re-imagined for modern audiences" projects need to flop before they realize there is no "modern audience"? Just because you replace real characters with obnoxious 20 year old tiktok stars, doesn't mean all of genz will suddenly want to watch an aLien movie. But you do loose those who liked the original Alien with its real adult characters.
At this point I doubt how much they care about the OG audience, most of us are within decades of passing so the focus is on kids to become the next source of income, if they can get them interested that is. For the studio, the question is whether or not they can cover the costs and at least get some profit since expectations for horror movies are not usually high.
Looks fun, probably gonna give it a watch at some point
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