AMD’s High-End (Navi 21) Radeon RX GPU Rumored to Be Twice as Powerful as Current Flagships


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May 6, 2019
Several alleged specifications for AMD's high-end Navi 21 GPU have begun circling on China's PTT BBS.

The rumor is that it will offer twice the performance of today's best Navi 10 cards, such as the Radeon RX 5700 XT.

That's because Navi 21 supposedly flaunts a die that's twice as big as Navi 10 (505 mm2 vs. 251 mm2), trouncing even the Vega 20 (331 mm2).

Considering the Vega 20's transistor count (13.2 billion), the Navi 21 GPU could easily feature at least 14 or 15 billion transistors.

GDDR6 memory also seems to be a given due to the increased area (and specs of the current 5000 series).

With that said, the clock speeds have not been stated yet which would play a bigger role in determining the final performance of the card. Also, it should be said that a GPU of this size would consume a lot of power and a TDP around 275-300W is a given since the Navi 10 GPU has a TDP of 225W.
I didn’t realize the 5700XT was considered flagship...
Meh I gave up waiting for big Navi, just got dual 2080tis meh... Call me a hypocrite, but whatever I finally have money to spend.
Will love to see it happen. NV has gotten way to full of themselves. Love my 2080TI but not even remotely looking forward to whatever price markup they have in line next. We really need some competition here. Not to mention that other than some proprietary tech and a slight raster increase there wasn't much else to write home about. How about PCIe 4.0 with HDMI 2.1? A super 2080TI with 16GHz, not enough. How about that with 12-16GB to deal with 4k textures coming down the road? 4k can easily max 8GB and I've seen 8k hitting 18-24GB.
Finally the beast mode card. About time they shoot for the halo product. I guess we will see price /performance.
See amd was smart. They let Nvidia test the waters largely uncontested with the rtx 20xx line of. Cards with the bump in pricing. Now they. Know the volume of product they will need and have a good idea what the market will bare. Amd still will come in under what they could charge. Plus a 7nm process with a die twice the size gives them a lot of transistor space to play with.

I won't be signed up on launch day for one... But I will be watching!!
I think it'll come in around 2080Ti performance. Right around the same time Nvidia releases 2080Ti Super that'll be 10% faster.
I'll be happy with 2080Ti performance, at equal to or less than power consumption, and price-wise significantly cheaper.

I'd also be happy with a winning lottery ticket as well, but I don't see either one of these things happening anytime soon. :(
I've been hearing "this" rumor for 15 years... still waiting.

Creating a card that is twice as fast as a mid range card and releasing it two years after said midrange card is nothing to brag about. Unless this card is faster than a 2080 and cheaper than a 2070 Super, AMD won't stand a chance against nVidia's upcoming 3k series of cards.
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