Atari Plans to Buy System Shock Remake Developer Nightdive Studios for $10 Million


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May 28, 2019
A press release to Yahoo! Finance has announced that Atari plans to buy Nightdive Studios in a deal that includes cash, stock shares, and earn-out options spanning the next three years. The acquisition is expected to be completed in April 2023 and will consist of Atari paying half of the $10 million in cash and the other half in Atari shares at closing. Atari is also offering an earn-out option of up to $10 million that will be payable over the next three years depending on the performance of Night Dive and also intends to issue €30 million in Convertible Bonds at a public offering in France to help finance the deal.

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Right? I didn't even think it was a real company any more.
It definitely feels like a "let's throw something at the wall this month and see what sticks" kind of company anymore. I am, somewhat, happy with this purchase as it puts them a little more back into the game development sector but I also took notice of the fine print of the PR that this is just a part of a grander financial plan which seems to be an ongoing challenge for them.
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