Avatar: The Way of Water Draws Rave Reactions: “Mesmerizing, Visual Masterpiece”


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May 6, 2019
Avatar: The Way of Water is a great film and worthy follow-up to the 2009 original, according to a roundup of critic reactions shared by The Hollywood Reporter that suggest James Cameron has managed to deliver what some are describing as a "mesmerizing, visual masterpiece."

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Yeah, I'll probably wait for it to stream. Probably will forget about it by that time, since I have no real interest in it anyway.
I didn't care for the first movie at all, so I doubt I will waste time and bandwidth grabbing a BD rip for this sequel.
I didn't watch the first one, you think I'll watch this?

shill media is worthless, them praising something is a red flag at best.
Yep, pretty much every supposed next blockbuster I've heard pushed in the last few months has flopped. He might get lucky because of the holidays and people having the time, and perhaps money, to see this but that's about the only things that will help.
I have the uber extended version on BD and will watch it occasionally for the eye candy but it's pretty rare. In terms of story, I id'd it as Dances with . . .in space after the first time I saw it. I don't hate it but I'm not as impressed with it either. I'll happily watch this when it streams but in no rush otherwise.
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