Avatar: The Way of Water Teaser Gets 148.6 Million Views on First Day, Outperforming Trailers for All Recent Star Wars Movies


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May 6, 2019
The original Avatar may have released over a decade ago, but interest in James Cameron's sci-fi franchise still appears to be extremely high.

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I admit to being curious but I haven't even watched this trailer yet. I liked the eye candy of the first but I caught on that it was Dances with Wolves in space during my first view of it. The uber extended version has some nice added scenes but the story is still meh at best. I am a little surprised there's still as much interest in it as there seems to be. I honestly thought it would flop.
I haven't watched the trailer, and I haven't watched the original avatar movie either. Weird uncanny cgi catcreatures and a plagiarized story are of no interest to me.
I have little to no interest in seeing this movie. First one was over hyped.
I watched the first one, i remember being mesmerized by the visuals and 3d stuff I forgot what it was about. Watched most of it a while ago, man, what a piece crap in every other way. Im sure this one will be even worse and surely more woke.
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