App for Windows PC sucks


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Jun 4, 2019
Does anyone else use Blizzard's App for a Windows PC?

I've been using it for a while now, with Star Craft and Star Craft 2, but after not playing either of those games for a long, long while (probably 7 years now) I downloaded the App again to buy and download the new remastered Modern Warfare game to play with some of the guys I work with.

Since downloading about a week ago it has NEVER worked correctly. Constantly taking minutes to acknowledge any input I try to give it and sometimes locking up completely that I have to end the process manually. The logo on the task bar never shows up correctly, just the regular "Windows app" looking icon. I can't even open the app half the time and view the GUI as it's normally in a "blank/transparent" window that's either all white or you can see the desktop behind it. To play the game I have to right click on the icon in the system tray (which does show the correct logo) and even sometimes that doesn't even come up or takes minutes to display.

Anyone else have this issue with this software?
I can not claim to have this same issue at all. Odd.
Same... I've been using the app for a long while now, and I have no come across this issue either. Have you checked the support forums for Blizzard?
Battle net has been fine for me but games like COD MW have been buggy nightmares. Especially when it comes to playing online. You would think that a service like battle net would make it easier to battle on the net.
No issues here either. It could be Windows 7 as you suggested.
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