Camping!!! Why haven't companys done something

Sep 29, 2019
camping is a cancer on the gaming community... Theres plenty of reasons to do it namely it is the easiest skill free method of racking up kills. My question is why isnt it being dealt with? How could something that makes every fps slow boring and just annoying to play still allowed to happen? I personally include anyone sitting still head glitching standing on a roof hiding in a corner not running into the frey a cancerous tumor sucking the very life of the game dry. Im dieing to hear the defense of this poison.
How exactly would a game developer stop this behavior?
How would you differentiate camping from, say, just a really good sniper?

I know there are usually a lot of protections against something like respawn camping.
Isn't this a game balance issue though? If the devs of the game don't intend for campers to succeed, then they should design in a way that discourages it or makes it very difficult to succeed by camping.
Sounds like if everyone isn't feeding on the main lanes they are the reason multiplayer games are trash.
There are mods for the first Black Ops that remove camping. If you're sitting in the same spot for more than a 30 seconds your position appears on the mini map. If you continue to sit there you start taking damage. Some of the crouch only servers use it.
Only multi-player game I play is Fortnite and I admit I'm a pretty big bush bunny. I don't see it as that bad a thing. It's the only chance I have to win a match considering I don't have 14 hours a day to put into the game like a lot of these kids do.

I don't see it as a cheat or anything. I still have to survive and beat other players. Running headlong into a meat grinder just to get insta-killed isn't much fun to me.

But Fortnite is different as it has the "storm" so while you can camp, you can't sit there for more than 30 seconds to a minute before you have to get moving again.
I'd be curious how a developer would be able to stop this myself. Been going on for years.
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Camping is the complaint of a whiner, sorry but its the truth.
The reality is the real military "camps" locations. Its called defensive positions, and if you want them out of games then you just want to think less.
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