Cooler Master Says It Redesigned Its Thermal Paste Syringes So Kids Don't Look Like Druggies


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May 6, 2019
Cooler Master has a new lineup of thermal paste syringes called "MasterGel," which utilize a flat, redesigned applicator. In a tweet on its official Twitter account, the company claims that it was forced to adopt this design because it was getting tired of having to explain to parents that their kids aren't "using drugs."

There's a possibility here that Cooler Master isn't joking and that young, budding PC hardware enthusiasts are being pulled into rehab for the innocent act of applying thermal grease, but we should probably assume that this is just the work of a creative/bored marketing department. In any event, Cooler Master's MasterGel Maker products do appear to represent a more practical way of greasing CPUs.

As the company asks, "Why copy paste…when you can swipe?" Cooler Master's flat, vape-like MasterGel Pro syringes utilize a flat applicator, which makes it easy for system builders to apply a strip of thermal grease on CPUs cleanly and evenly. Some enthusiasts would argue that a drop of thermal grease is all that's needed for good conductivity, but those who subscribe to the "more is better" mentality can certainly give the MasterGel series a try.

According to the official product page, MasterGel offers a thermal conductivity of 8 (W/m-K). The product also comes with a cleaning cloth for removing leftovers.
I saw this on Ars. I like the look of the flat tip applicator, but how it performs in real life is unknown. I think this is just to be different more than anything else
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