Crysis 4 Could Be a Long Time Coming as Crytek Seeks to Fill Many Top-Level Positions


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May 28, 2019
Crysis 4 could be stuck in traction, for now, as Crytek has just posted a job posting video highlighting a number of top-level openings. A few job openings are normally to be expected as development teams for triple-A titles can be quite large but when many are at the lead and senior level it can be a troubling sign for getting a project in motion. Crytek at least has a sense of humor about the situation as it has titled the 23-second video "A CRYSIS is coming. We need your help."

Where it gets a bit more interesting is that while Crytek only lists three positions in the video, lead producer, lead AI programmer, and lead environment artist, a quick trip over to the careers page at Crytek paints a different picture. There are no less than 22 positions listed (strange coincidence that this is almost the same number as the length of the video), and 15 of those are either lead or senior level.

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Guess that's what happens when you don't get that sweet sweet star citizen money. /s
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