Daredevil Reboot Reportedly Entering Production as Disney+ MCU Series


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May 6, 2019
Still hoping to get that fourth season of Daredevil? Stop dreaming.

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Reboot using the same primary actor? That's.... odd.

I like Charlie Cox and they should just pick up where they left off.
That's an odd choice. I wonder why they are going that route? Hopefully if they reboot iron first they get a different lead but keep everyone else. ;)
Hopefully if they reboot iron first they get a different lead but keep everyone else.
I agree a different actor will help but commit to some better writing and a whole lot more with K'un-Lun and the dragons. They really kept it to a minimum before which I felt really hurt the show. They should really go back and look at the last 50 or issues John Byrne had written before that series had ended.

Edit: Here's a great cover from that time period. It involved a storyline where Danny had used the Ironfist to contain an explosion from a bomb that was essentially a baby nuke when they were hired to take on some terrorists at an Arctic outpost. Obviously, he wasn't able to fully do that but this is the guy who tried to stop the Hulk, and failed but survived. Pretty much everything got blown up but he and Luke survived but Danny did get cancer from the radiation. It ended up being a great story that led to the end of the series and brought back some integral characters from K'un-Lun.
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This makes no sense. The Netflix version was pretty much a masterpiece. I'm glad they're using Cox again as he's perfect for the role and has made it his own but I just think they're going to screw up what was already done as well as it could be.
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