Dead Space 2 Remake Canceled Due to “Lackluster” Sales of Original, It’s Claimed


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May 6, 2019
Motive Studio had been developing a remake to Dead Space 2, Visceral Games' 2011 survival horror game, but the project has been shelved due to poor sales of 2023's Dead Space remake, according to today's episode of Game Mess Mornings with Lex Luddy and Jeff Grubb.

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Bummer. I wasn't a fan of the 2nd original game but was kind of looking forward to this. I enjoyed the 1st remake and thought they did a pretty good job other than the wacky Windows HDR implementation.

That being said there had been rumors that this was going to actually be a remake combining the 2nd and 3rd games which I thought had potential. I thought the 2nd rehashed too much of the 1st and was really bored with it after a bit even though I did finish and replay once or twice more. I liked part of the 3rd, in particular the planet-side content, but then it rehashed parts of the 2nd game. I could see how culling the repetitive content and reworking the unique elements into one game could've been really cool. Oh well.
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