Dead Space (2008) Mod Lets Players Amputate Necromorphs in First Person


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May 6, 2019
Motive's new Dead Space remake may look a million times better than the original, but a modder has figured out a way to lure gamers back to Visceral Games' original 2008 classic. ReverseEngineeringGamer has released the Dead Space (2008) First Person Mod, a mod that, as its name might imply, allows players to experience the sci-fi horror game from a more intimate, even scarier (read: can't see the RIG health bar), perspective. According to ReverseEngineeringGamer, this mod took a good amount of time to create, but it can be installed now through the use of Cheat Engine, a program that most PC gamers should already be familiar with.

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Pretty neat, but hard to look at after playing the remake.
I feel the same. They really did do a good job with the remake. I'm taking a break from some of my darker games but mean to get back to it soon. I just got to my least favorite part of the game, the hospital.
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