Does anyone else HATE Control ? (PS4 version played)


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Aug 15, 2019
I am intrigued by the story and the supernatural aspects. The graphics are OK, the voice acting is OK. Using the "not the force" to sling huge objects at enemies can be fun (at times).....

I am so glad I did not pay money for this (got it on PS+).

The map is useless. The whole time I am screaming at it, "you cannot get there from here!!!!"

Enemy difficulty is all over the place. You will be fighting a room full of meh level guys then suddenly you get killed by some off screen enemy you never saw. I'm not talking about bosses, just randos. The bosses are actually not too hard (as I have seen so far). And when you die..... scroll down to the load times.... UGH

SO. MUCH. BACKTRACKING. This is LAZY game development and it is annoying as F*CK because the map is so terrible.

You will fight the SAME 3 ENEMIES the entire game. Mix it up a little?

The main story misses important missions that are LAZYILY tacked on as side quests. If you don't do the side quests... you won't get half of your abilities. But the game makes no mention that anything is important. If I had not watched/read reviews I wouldn't know how important some really are.

Combat is not balanced at all. So many times I had to reload because some thing I never saw killed me. Then you start all over again with the stupid map trying to find your way.

THE LOAD TIMES. Oh my.... is this a PS3? Because it feels like it based on these load times. Especially coming into this straight off of Ghost Of Tsushima which magically had very little load times. And I'm playing with an SSD now that I didn't have for Ghost.

I am halfway through and I think I'm done. Games that frustrate me like this don't deserve to get finished.

Unless you enjoy torture, infinite rinse and repeat, the slowest level load times EVER, etc etc.... skip this one. I don't understand how it got so many good reviews.

side note - I also didn't get into Remedy's last game, Quantum Break. And I did pay $ for that one. There are some similarities with both...
Sounds like the PC version is where it's at in terms of load times, and probably IQ as well. I've got it on PC but haven't really been as drawn in as I thought I would be. Some day I'll get around to finishing it. Yeah, there is a bunch of backtracking. Seems like these days there are roughly 3 options for 3D games. Either trapped in some building/environment with endless backtracking, open world, or quasi-open world with linear progression.
Loved the game, maps can be frustrating but enough info is there to figure out what to explore to get there. Just not some folks cup of tea. Control points and fast travel alleviates a lot of the map hell at first. Finding everything you can to increase your skill set is also wise.
I enjoyed the game a lot. Yea the maps don't spell things out but I'm an old school gamer so honestly I'm used to that aspect. Otherwise it was a good game with an interesting story and well done on poor acting? I enjoyed the little video segments explaining the world.
One of these days I hope to get back to this game. It'll probably be after CB 2077 and that one is going to take me a lot of time. Right now I'm about 3/4 of the way through Horizon Zero Dawn.
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