FCC Upset 3 Broadband Companies Are Interfering With FAA Weather RADAR


May 11, 2019
Do you have dreams of making weather RADAR look fuzzy?

If so I don’t recommend it. The FCC will be your next best friend.

The FCC Found out recently that 3 broadband companies were transmitting signals that were interfering with Puerto Rico’s weather RADAR system. Making things look “fuzzy”.

“The companies used Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure devices for point-to-point wireless broadband communication. In each case, the companies apparently misconfigured the devices by turning off a required feature that would have prevented the devices from causing interference to the FAA terminal doppler weather radar station at San Juan International Airport. Interference to these weather radar stations, which are used to detect wind shear and other dangerous weather conditions, is potentially life threatening.
In addition to the proposed fines, the Bureau’s Enforcement Advisory warned operators, manufacturers, and marketers of Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure devices that these devices must be certified under FCC rules. Such devices that operate in the 5.25 GHz to 5.35 GHz and 5.47 GHz to 5.725 GHz bands risk interfering with radar systems if not properly configured to share the spectrum.”

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Yea somebody needs to be shut down for that. Probably all three companies used the same consulting service to provide/install the devices.
Now I admit that I don't know if 5g and these very specific frequencies are the same thing but I seem to remember seeing some reports, Washington Post, about the potential for 5G to interefere with weather forecasts.
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