Fractal Design Focus G White Case Review


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Jun 4, 2019


We will be reviewing the Fractal Design Focus G White ATX Computer Case (FD-CA-FOCUS-WT-W) which is part of their Focus case line up. The Focus G line up has 5 assorted colors to choose from: black, blue, gunmetal, red and white. There is also a mini-G version in this same case line up that’s 61mm shorter. Currently the white Fractal Design Focus G case sells for $40 on Newegg.

Fractal Design was launched in 2007 and burst onto the...

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At first I was disappointed that it only had 2 USB ports and they were split between USB2 and USB3. Then I read further and saw it was only $40 for the case. You get what you pay for, but for a cheap case, it'll do.
I have used two of these cases in fairly recent builds and actually have liked them. My wife's current PC is housed in one and an extra PC I sold to a friend of mine who loves the look of the case. For the price it's a good deal. Great review also!
I have the blue version of this case at the moment which replaced my ancient Antec P182.

There are a few things I would point out that weren't mentioned in the review. The 3.5" "bays" are just a cage made of flimsy plastic. The plastic does the job but 3.5" drives can be knocked out of place if you're messing around the innards and hit them. Also, the 3.5" cage can be moved closer to the front of the case and you must do this before putting any drives in it. Another mention would be that the windowed side panel is just plastic and not tempered glass. It's lighter because of this but is the cheaper option due to the price of the case. Not an issue for me. The final point is the flimsiness of the case. The metal is really thin which does not lead to it being sturdy. That said, it's perfectly serviceable as a case and really light.

The included fans don't seem to be the best. I'll definitely be looking into replacing them the next time I order some fans. The reason I moved the 3.5" hard drive cage is because I wanted the drives closer to the front of the case and the fans because they were running several degrees C warmer than they did in my Antec P182. Even right next to the fans they're still running warmer and I'm sure part of that is because of the fans included with the case aren't that great.

One last mention are the power and drive activity LEDs. They're white lights and they tend to be really bright. I haven't decided on a permanent solution to the issue but I have the lights partially blocked off at the moment because they are **** bright and annoying at night.

That all said, it's a good case for the money and if you're looking for a budget case for a simple computer build there probably aren't many options out there which touch it for the price.
Thanks for the review Leroy! Nice case for the money. Tough to beat at that level for a beginner's case, or something not needing large long-term changes.
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