Hideo Kojima Comments on How His Next Game Called OD Will Be Just as Different as Previous Projects


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May 28, 2019
Love, hate, or indifferent to Hideo Kojima's games there's still no denying that the 60-year-old video game designer famed for his often different vision of what a game can be, has made an impact on the industry during his career which began in the mid-1980s. Some of his games have received criticism for their offbeat approaches as well. It is to this end that Hideo Kojima comments about in a recent Twitter post.

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Hideo Kojima has the same problem as David Cage. They really wanted to be film makers. When they couldn't break into that industry, they settled for video games. A lot of Kojima's early games, like Snatchers and Policenauts, are basically glorified interactive animated films. Barely videos games in there at all. No real gameplay to be had. Cage doesn't even like video games, and he hates on them all the time. Well he could do himself and all the rest of us a favor and just leave the industry he doesn't even like to begin with. I wish The Rock would take Cage's "games", turn them sideways, and stick them straight up his candy @ss. Anyways, there have been admittedly a scant few Kojima games I have enjoyed, but I couldn't get into most of them, and eventually I just stopped bothering to even check out what he was putting out. And even if I wanted him to revisit some of the stuff I liked, he doesn't own the rights to those IPs anyways. He didn't leave on good terms with Konami, so I doubt they'll ever work with him again. Not to mention Konami lost themselves eons ago, and aren't even really into video games anymore. They're only an employee-abusing pachislot factory. Kojima is better off on his own, but he doesn't have anything that interests me.
David Cage at least made some good interactive movies. I like all 3 of their major releases, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Detroit Become Human. Out of all in development Star Wars projects Eclipse is the only thing I'm actually looking forward to.

Kojima's creations on the other hand are just pretentious self infatuation monuments. Different for the sake of being different is not a pro.
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