If you love 'em, don't let them go mobile. . .with Windows anyway.


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May 28, 2019
I keep hoping that MS will eventually just give up on mobile versions of their OS's. They always try to spin it like their doing us a favor. More secure, more power efficient, streamlined, faster. Kind of surprised they never got Ron Popeil to do an ad for them. I was browsing over at PCper and came across this.

Windows MObile.jpg
This story reminds me of the first release of Vista after all the bad publicity MS had received for poor security with XP vs Apple. Not going to go too far into that but it resulted in them releasing an OS that locked down almost everything unless an admin account backed things off a bit. Unfortunately, with S, it doesn't look like there's presently a choice.
I thought Windows Mobile was the phone OS, and was well and truly dead.

Windows S isn't the same thing as Windows Mobile. I agree, it should probably die too, and you didn't actually call it Windows Mobile, you just used the word "mobile" - but that was the first thing that came to my mind for this post.
I thought Windows Mobile was the phone OS, and was well and truly dead.
Partially true. The "S' was a reference to the re-branding of the mobile versions used for the Surface tablets. I'd honestly forgot about the Phone OS but I knew far too many people who bought low-mid tier Surfaces and then came to me complaining of all the things they couldn't do with 'em. I had to re-explain that only some of the top of the line Surfaces came with the full 64 bit OS.

edit: I'll add that the S is really a mode that locks down the OS, as explained in the article, but the irony is that currently there's no way to unlock it. Some interesting comments over there about some people's experiences.
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