Images of a Prototype Quad-Slot NVIDIA RTX 40 Series Graphics Card Cooling Solution Reveal a Hidden Third Fan in the Middle of the Heatsink


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May 28, 2019
More images of a prototype quad-slot NVIDIA RTX 40 series graphics card solution have been posted online showing an unexpected third fan. NVIDIA surprised the industry with the launch of its RTX graphics cards when it revealed a radically new design featuring a fan on opposite sides of the card along with a new heatsink architecture. It now appears that NVIDIA still had more plans up its sleeves for addressing the need for even greater heat dissipation with this quad-slot cooler as can be seen in these images of a prototype featuring a third fan hidden smack in the middle of the heatsink. As if the hulk-ish behemoth-sized cooler wasn't enough it looks like engineers had additional concerns regarding airflow.

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I'm pretty sure this was something fabbed up when they told them. "All limits are off. Make a way to cool a 1000 watt card." So they did.... and this is what happens when you do that without liquid. From this design they learned how to trim it down and make it more efficient for lower power profiles. And honestly with the performance of these air cooled cards (as far as heat creation and dissipation) they did a bang up job. It's pretty clearly not a production run unit. Still is cool to look at as some sort of... technological keepsake.
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