Leaked Computex Listing Shows a New Gaming Handheld Featuring Unreleased Intel Lunar Lake Processor


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May 28, 2019
The MSI Claw was the first gaming handheld to break away from the AMD Ryzen pack by using an Intel Core Ultra 5 Meteor Lake processor but it looks like an overseas OEM/ODM manufacturer called Weibu Information will be the first to utilize Lunar Lake technology.

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Nothing wrong with that. More than a few folks doubted the CLAW was real and then it came out. I doubt this GP10 thing will make it here but I do expect someone to launching something similar here at some point, but probably not until Q4 or beginning of 2025.

Something I almost put in the article is that while most of us are expecting some kind of implosion in the handheld market after enough over saturation happens, it still seems a ways off so these 2nd gen versions, even for the ones that are barely a year old, could do well. It's the 3rd gen I have doubts about since that's when I feel the market will have become over-saturated by those with the previous gens and only those with FOMO or who've been holding out will be left to buy them.
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