Metro Awakening VR Is a Story-Driven Adventure Coming to PC, PlayStation, and Meta Quest in 2024


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May 28, 2019
Metro Awakening VR is a new story-driven adventure that serves as a prequel to the popular franchise and is set in 2028. It is being developed by Deep Silver and Vertigo Games (After the Fall, Arizona Sunshine II, Hell Sweeper, The 7th Quest), a studio that specializes in making VR games. The game takes place five years before the first installment in the series, Metro 2033, and this time around players will get to experience the post-apocalyptic underground Metro system with a brand new story by author Dmitry Glukhovsky.

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Well on the flip side, if they used the 4A Engine that the previous Metro games have been built with, then the time investment should be minimal as it already has assets and 3D support. Ironically, back in October, I brought out my old 2080 Ti and 1440p 144 Hz 3D 27" ASUS so that I could spend some time replaying the first two games in 3D. It was a blast, but h**l trying to get Windows/NV to cooperate but eventually got it sorted out. Deep Silver was always awesome about supporting 3D until NV axed it after Ampere debuted.

I only mention all that because I've always thought there might be some similar development coding pipelines between 3D/VR, although I really don't know. I have however, seen some stuff about playing VR games on 3D enabled systems which is why I thought that. Haven't tryied but thought about it.

In any event here's hoping that when this launches it'll get the Half-Life: Alyx treatment by modders and be playable on a regular rig.
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