Microsoft Says That Activision Was Already Planning Large-Scale Job Cuts in Its Reply to FTC’s Complaint about Recent Layoffs


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May 28, 2019
Microsoft says that its decision to lay off roughly 1,900 staff in its gaming division did not contradict statements previously made to the FTC and that Activision was already planning a large-scale reduction. Microsoft says in a letter to the FTC, which was forwarded to VGC by its lawyers, that the Federal Trade Commission's "factual assertions are incomplete and misleading".

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FTC really has a hate-on for MS, don't they?
A 3 trillion dollar company... who's worth is greater than the GDP of Russia, Canada, and many other countries considered prosperous? Yea.. I don't think it's hate so much as fear and showing they still have control... for now.

We can't be far away from multinational companies being declared their own independent micro nation-states with full rights on their own land areas akin to a embassy.

Sorry boss you can't arrest me I work for Microsoft. I have immunity.
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