Morbius Falls Below Expectations for a Marvel Film with $39 Million Domestic Opening


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May 6, 2019
Sony executives might be wondering whether they should have left Morbius locked up in a coffin, as the box office performance of the new movie starring Jared Leto, who stars as the titular vampire, has been somewhat disappointing, especially for a Marvel film.

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Wait that movie came out? I didn't realize.
2x in a row and this time, I don't know if anyone was aware it made it to streaming.

It came out on Netflix sometime this week. I literally stumbled across it yesterday. I turned it off while the intro credits were rolling as I knew I had to have something better than that to watch. We ended up watching an ep of Wellington Paranormal (The Coolening-a silly story worthy of Red Dwarf) followed by reruns of Big Bang and Pawn Stars.

I'm going to have to be in a better state of mind to dedicate time to watch this. It's pretty bad that it didn't make it to Disney or Hulu and it's not even in 4K on Netflix. Granted I know that's because it's Sony and it's obvious Netflix got it as part of some kind of Spider-Man deal since they've had so many of the Sony movies but even basic UHD would've been nice. It's hard to say which I care less about, Leto or this character (even when I collected comics I had almost zero interest in this character).
Same here. He always seemed like a second hand villain in comics (to me anyway).
Yeah, I believe that he and JJJ Jr. (aka Man-wolf), and possibly someone else, was part of a weird strategy by Marvel to create characters that were alternate/inverted versions of others in the 70s.
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