MSI GeForce RTX 4090 SUPRIM X 24G Video Card Review


Jul 9, 2019
Introduction In today’s review, the focus is on the MSI GeForce RTX 4090 SUPRIM X video card. The SUPRIM X represents the top-of-the-line air-cooled RTX 4090 video card from MSI. The features of this particular model include: full cover brushed aluminum shroud, front and back, with particular emphasis on distinct design elements and beveled polished edging; improved TRI-FROZR 3S thermal design: raised fan cowls, new TORX Fan 5.0 design, and a massive vapor chamber heatsink; dual BIOS and improved PCB electronic components. This video card is pretty to look at and really big. It also has distinctive RGB elements on […]

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Nice review. I remember really wanting this card when the 4090's came out, but couldn't find one. I ended up with the Gigabyte card instead which was fine. Now I own the Asus card which is a great card as well, so basically you can't go wrong with a 4090 right now.
Thanks for the great review @magoo ! I know that I really love the Liquid cooled version of this card. In terms of overclocking, I mostly had the same exact experiences as you but had to dial it back a little more for complete stability for all the games I play. I think I've got something like +120 on the core, don't remember the voltage but it ends up being ~1.050V as well, and averages 2850-2925 MHz. I was able to break 3000 MHz but Witcher 3 was very cranky with it. With the liquid version, I just leave the fan profile at stock and I've never seen it go above 66c but usually hangs 62-65 during extended gaming sessions. I also found the overclocking the memory didn't seem to provide any real gains so I leave it at stock. I also have seen pretty much the exact same power draw with my system.

I got my first Suprim X card, a 3090, a couple of years back and have become a fan of the line since. The build quality just blew me away but they are huge and heavy. If I didn't already have so many great cards in the house, plus some debt to pay off, I'd consider getting a 2nd Suprim X liquid for the 3700X rig but at this point, it wouldn't really make sense. However, when the time comes it'll inherit the one in the other rig whenever I do upgrade that one.
Nice writeup! I've got the same card and it's performed admirably (and better, for what it cost).

A few super minor bits I noticed while reading - on page two, the test system lists an "Enegmax" AIO, which I assume is an Enermax. :D

Resizeable BAR is also detailed there as being enabled for all testing, but the GPU-Z screenshot on page three shows it as being disabled.

Which BIOS was used for the testing? The card has a switch that can select two profiles, silent and game. The silent BIOS has a slightly lower power limit (480W) than the game mode (520W). I freely admit that I may have overlooked this part, but the note near the end about not seeing board power higher than ~420W during testing got me thinking about it. Either way, there's virtually no difference between them if you're not hitting power limits with something like 3DMark's Port Royal test (where I have seen 500W+). The fan curves are so close in both modes - which is to say, quiet - that I couldn't tell them apart if you paid me.

Again, great review as always.
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