MSI Laptop with 130W RTX 3080 variant $1799 after rebate


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May 28, 2019
I know most of our crowd isn't looking for a new gaming laptop but I've got one of these, but with the 130W 3070, and it's been an absolute beast for me in 1080p and 2560x1080 gaming. With most in-game settings fully maxed, everything from Crysis 1-3 remastered, new tomb raider games, RE Village, and Metro Exodus, usually average 70-90 fps. Thats using RT at highest settings and DLSS balanced as well. Don't be fooled by the CPU rating, I usually see it hang around 4207-4307 Mhz and that's an 8C/16T. I use a laptop cooler and have a custom fan curve to tame it a bit(still loud at times) but otherwise really impressed.

Out of curiosity, what's the big deal with USB-C? I don't have any device I could plug into my computer that uses it.
You can definitely live without it, but it does have some nice things:

It's unidirectional, no more A-B-A when trying to plug something in. That's probably the best part, as minor as that seems.

Most newer "stuff" is coming with USB-C rather than micro-USB. I've always hated mini/micro-USB anyway, and on a lot of things it's really kinda hard to plug in (my Kindle is the worst). Again, that's nice, but hardly a reason to have it on a laptop, apart from making it easier to plug in all your newer "stuff".

Thunderbolt 3 and higher also adopted the USB-C form factor, while also being compatible with the USB standard. It's not exactly always easy to tell if a port supports TB or not, but it's nice not needed separate cables and ports.

The last reason I can think of - USB-C are all v3.1 (or higher), whereas A can be... anything really. That means all C-cables can (or at least should be able to) handle up to 60W, and in many cases in excess of 100W of power. Now, for this laptop that's not quite enough to be the charger, but for many, it is. And stuff you plug into the laptop, like external drives and readers, aren't going to need external power or redundant A cables.

Being based on 3.1 and/or TB, that makes USB-C high enough bandwidth to serve as a monitor connection, high speed storage, and some other nifty things as well without needing additional ports or special cables.

Add up all those reasons, and that's the reason why most devices are moving over to C. But years and decades of selling stuff that must use A means we still have a lot of A hanging around and it won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
I might of jumped on this, but I just purchased my Asus TUF 17.3" laptop. I like the bigger screen size, and don't really use it for gaming much.
I might of jumped on this, but I just purchased my Asus TUF 17.3" laptop. I like the bigger screen size, and don't really use it for gaming much.
I was originally trying to get an ASUS with the 5950X CPU, and 17.3" display, and the 3070 130W, for around the same price but after months of delays ASUS cancelled the order so I ended up getting the MSI.
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