Need suggestions on 3x display setup


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Jun 4, 2019
Looking to upgrade my primary gaming rig with triple displays in the near future. System is powered by (or will be after I get it together, waiting on parts to get here) a 5950X, 64GB RAM, Nvidia 3090 and 2TB MSI NVME drive.

Want to keep the size between 24" to 27", as I don't have room for anything bigger.

I will be primarily gaming on this rig. Games that don't support NVSurround I will just play on the single middle display and use the outer displays to show misc. programs such as discord. I have a 24" ASUS 144Hz 1080P display now and really want to go with a 144Hz or at the very least must be higher than 60Hz. I would love triple 4K displays, but I can't find any 4K displays in that size range that meet the specs.

Refresh Rate: 75Hz or higher (prefer 144Hz)
Resolution: 1440P or higher (prefer 4K)
Size: 24" to 27" (prefer 27")
Response Time: 1ms

While gaming is the primary focus of the monitors, I also use the setup for photoshop/lightroom so no curved monitors. I administrate a Rust game server and using multiple displays for the various programs used to administer the game is very helpful.

Also, since I do not think I will be able to get a 4K display that meets the needed requirements; I'd like to get a fourth display that is 4K. The refresh rate, response time, etc.. aren't nearly as important. I do want it to be around the 27" mark though. Browser based games will be played on it and the game gives you a tactical advantage with a higher resolution. This setup will be powered by my secondary system which is an AMD 3600, 16GB RAM and an Nvidia 3070 Ti.
I have an LG 27GN950 - it checks all your boxes I think at 4K (the 850 is the 1440 version). I have it in a dual-monitor setup with a vanilla Dell P2715Q (4K 60Hz, no other bells or whistles).

I'm with you on sizing, I think the 27" works very well for my use case... any bigger and I have to start turning my head. I do run 150% scaling at 4K, but in ~most~ things it handles that well and the text and images stay sharp. There are still some legacy control panels and older programs that have issues, but most things do ok without needing any tweaking.

What I can say about the LG:

It does support HDR 600, but I have very little content that also supports it. When it activates, you can see a difference and the colors pop well, but it's not huge. The way the backlighting works, if you have a black or really dark screen with a white cursor, there will be noticeable vertical banding that follows the cursor as part of the backlight adjustment for HDR -- that is pretty distracting and I have a couple of games with loading screens / etc that do that. I do wish I had more HDR content to play with, even with that one drawback. Windows 11 does have the new HDR upscale thing, and that does work in one game I play - it's noticeable and nice, but it's not OMG.

The monitor can run pretty bright, but being next to the 2715, I have it adjusted down a bit to match the brightness on the other panel. At that setting, colors in SDR are more or less equal on the two screens, and text/static images look almost identical.

I am running Gsync, with a driver-capped refresh rate of 143Hz (I've heard you always want to be just under the max refresh rate of the monitor?). You can tell a good bit of difference between the 60Hz and 144Hz when they are side by side - it's not earth shattering, but it's definitely there.

No significant issues with typical IPS backlight bleed or anything else - really the only knock I can give it is the localized lighting is vertical based and you can notice it in some specific conditions. Then again, I'm spoiled by OLED in the living room.

It does have some RGB crap on the rear of the monitor - you can disable it.

Overall - happy with it. Dunno if I'd go and drop another $800 or so on it again after seeing it side by side with the 2715 that was a ~$300 monitor back in the day - the HDR isn't as useful as I hoped, and 144Hz GSync is nice, but I dunno if it's $500+ nice. Going forward, if I drop another big payout on a monitor I'm going with a 48" OLED (or smaller, if they arrive by then). The ~only~ reason I didn't jump on the OLED was because I managed to catch the 27GN950 in stock right at release and it was a couple hundred cheaper, but still checked almost every box I was looking for and I wouldn't need to re-arrrange my entire computer setup to make a 48" fit somehow. I don't regret it, but I'd have to think really hard if I were presented with the option again.
Where do you see it for $800? I'm seeing $1100+ when I looked just now on Google.
Where do you see it for $800? I'm seeing $1100+ when I looked just now on Google.
I managed to catch it at release back in June/July. Looks like it's went into limited availability with associated markups like everything else seems to have done =(

At $1100 I don't know that I would consider it.
If you could get a hold of one, this is an absolute beast. It'd be expensive though, $1000. It's listed in a story here.
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