Netflix Accidentally Reveals the Release Date of "The Witcher"


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May 6, 2019
Thanks to a slip-up by Netflix Netherlands's social media runners, we now know when The Witcher will air. @NetflixNetherlands (Facebook) and @NetflixNL (Twitter) mentioned that the fantasy show was just 97 days away, which would make its release date December 17.

The posts have now been deleted, which implies the reveal was an accident. In any case, fans of both The Witcher novels and CD Projekt RED's games have something to look forward to on Netflix this Christmas holiday.

In May 2019, Redanian Intelligence reported on a possible leak from Recapped which claimed season one could release on December 20, 2019. As these details take time to finalize and with the official release date within the same ballpark, it’s hard not to trust Recapped’s record.
As long as it's out before Christmas I won't feel let down by this 'slip-up'.

Thanks @Tsing! Good news on a rough day.
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