Not a Single US Cinema Can Screen “Gemini Man” in Its Intended, 120 FPS 4K 3D Format


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May 6, 2019
"Gemini Man" may be hit or miss in the story department, but its technical achievements can't be disputed: Ang Lee's latest movie, which stars a younger and older version of Will Smith, is the first to be filmed in 120 FPS in 4K 3D. There's just one problem: not a single cinema in the US is equipped to deliver that level of resolution.

Moviegoers stateside will be limited to 2K screenings, which is the best that AMC's top-tier theaters can afford. Paramount projected "Gemini Man" at the maximum frame rate and resolution at its premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre, but those who couldn't attend and want the intended experience will have to do some traveling: "Only a few theaters in Asia are expected to replicate the experience."

Lee told Polygon after a screening of Gemini Man that 120 fps 2K 3D felt like the necessary avenue to make “Junior,” Smith’s digital avatar, a soulful character who could also appear to beat the living crap out of a real actor in the film’s many fight sequences. He also knew going in that the format would not be accessible for many viewers because of location, time, or the sour taste left by previous HFR screenings.
I seem to remember another similar thing happening a long time ago. By the way, has anyone seen Captain EO yet?
YES Yes, soak in the hihg frame rate goodness. Hopefully we can start a movement away from outdated 24fps garbage.
I think Ang Lee and blanking the guy that did Avatar and Titanic... they are competing to drive embracing of recording and display technology.
I'd see this movie in theaters if it was starring someone else. I'll have to wait for the home version I guess. :ROFLMAO:
I admit that if there were a theater near by that was up to spec I'd give it a shot just to experience it. Otherwise it doesn't really draw me in as far as story goes. I don't really believe we'll be seeing 4k/3D 120hz(native) discs or t.v.s I do believe that at some point it may happen on a 8k T.V. as there were rumors floating around last year about glasses free 3d 8k T.V.'s. In either case that tech is a long way from being usefull in the home and this paradox for the theaters ends up just being ridiculous.
The ' professional' reviews are not good, which means it must be an excellent movie. This is how I use reviews now, and I find it works.
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